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It’s the end of another day, and you’re home. You just want to sit on the couch, catch up on Netflix, and have the evening to yourself.

But the sink’s full of dishes. The counter’s stacked with mail. You have stuff that collects in various places that never seems to get used. You don’t even want to think about dinner. You’re exhausted so it’s probably going to be takeaway again.

Can it be Friday already? Because being an adult is so stressful and complicated.

Can You Relate? Press Play!

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Simple Not Stressful Is Your Space.

Here, we’re downsizing on stress so we can get to simple lives that make us come alive.

My ongoing story as a recovering hoarder turned minimalist to inspire you in your own decluttering efforts

Encouragement to surround yourself with only the stuff you love and use

Actionable tips to guide you on getting to your own simple not stressful life

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