So, who’s behind Simple Not Stressful?

That would be Daisy, an engineer who’s obsessed with how minimalist living can help people live meaningful lives. She loves giving belly rubs to dogs everywhere, trying and failing at new things --- like being a violinist in a punk band and jumping off a cliff --- and nerding out over stuff like Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Let's shift from third person and get more personal *waves*

I grew up in a resort town in the Philippines, and some of my best childhood memories involved road trips with family to out-of-the-way beaches.

There, I found no electricity, no plumbing, a white shoreline that stretched as far as my five-year-old eyes could see, and an even wider expanse of stars above it. I fell asleep under a mosquito net with the crashing waves outside my window and woke up when a crab shuffled into our front door.

That was when I started to see how beautiful life was when it was simple.

When I was on those trips, I loved having just what I needed in our thatched hut instead of being surrounded by the old notebooks, pens, and worn socks I’d already started hoarding even then. I enjoyed having the time and mind space to appreciate the beauty around me.

It was simple. And it wasn’t stressful at all.

Being a five-year-old, I didn’t understand exactly why going on those trips felt so freeing just yet.

I did know traveling felt awesome, so I kept doing it as I grew up. I packed a month’s stuff into one bag, and had so much fun exploring that I got a job in international sales so I could keep traveling.

Exploring with my little bag was freeing, but coming home to so much stuff was the complete opposite. Because even as I traveled, I continued collecting stuff around my home that never seemed to get used. I kept buying, wearing, and spending on things I thought would make me cool and liked and happy.

Instead, living with all my stuff weighed me down. And it made me feel empty.


So in 2013, I woke up and changed things.

(The 7.2 magnitude earthquake I woke up to that morning was also a part of that!)

Now, I’ve pared down my life so I can fill it with what matters to me: my faith in God, my relationships, and my love of exploring new things.

I want you to experience the freedom of a simple life too.

And I’m here to give you that little nudge to get that life started today.

If this all sounds good, let’s get into it!

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