How To Fine-Tune Your Game Plan In The Middle Of The Year

My planner just told me we’re starting the 24th week of 2016.

Think about that: we’re almost 50% through this 52-week year now. Weren’t we just writing down New Year’s resolutions yesterday?

Time runs by like an overspeeding car chased by a patrol officer whether we like it or not. We’ve gone halfway through the year without blinking, it feels like.

And speaking of resolutions, how are yours?

Now that we're halfway through the year, how do your New Year's Resolutions look? If that question just gave you a sinking feeling, this is just for you! I'll walk you through a mid-year game plan that will get you back on track with your resolutions.

If that question made your stomach sink to the floor, I feel you.

I’d planned to learn to scuba dive this year. It’s now mid-June and I haven’t even joined a diving class.

So what do we do about these failing resolutions?

Yep, I said failing, not failed.

Because if your year hasn’t been a win so far, we still have six months — ok, technically six and a half — to turn this ship around.

As I’ve been telling my email friends, the year’s not over yet.

We just need to whip out our list of New Year’s Resolutions and have a powwow session together. So have a seat with that list, a pen, and extra paper, and let’s dive in!

Are all your goals on track so far?

Look through each item on your list and ask yourself that question. If you planned to go to the gym, is it now part of your routine? If you wanted to tidy house, is your cleaning crusade at least halfway done?

If you have a specific time of year you’re usually busier, keep that in mind as you check if you’re on track.

I’ll be going through my own list with you too — as I did mention this was a powwow session, yeah? — so here’s mine:

Now that we're halfway through the year, how do your New Year's Resolutions look? If that question just gave you a sinking feeling, this is just for you! I'll walk you through a mid-year game plan that will get you back on track with your resolutions.

(By the way, I wrote a summary of this year’s goals in my review of 2015. If you’re curious where this list was coming from.)

Honestly? The “take care of myself” goal isn’t down pat just yet, but as I’m often busier from January to May, I can still build that habit in the next few months. I’ve been pretty good about the rest except for the glaring scuba diving plans.

We’ll spotlight my failing resolutions (and yours!) as we move through this think session.

Are you finished with some of those goals?

Yay, let’s put check marks beside the resolutions you’ve completed! You’ve crushed those goals ahead of schedule so good for you!


We need to celebrate these so we can see we have made progress through the year. This also helps us get motivated about the more challenging resolutions on the list.

In my case, my perfectionism and relationship goals have become part of my routine. I’ll continue doing them, but I can crush them off my list now.

What’s keeping you from getting on track with the rest?

Now it’s time to spotlight the goals you’re not doing so well at. Why haven’t you been as great about getting them done? Are they too overwhelming? Did something happen this year that kept you from working on them?

With me and my scuba diving goal, well…

I excitedly signed up for a scuba class when summer started, but found out I couldn’t dive a certain number of hours before or after a plane ride. As a frequent traveller, that was a real roadblock for me. When I was free, I often had a flight coming up that meant I couldn’t join a class.

I also had to drive 2-3 hours to the dive center I’d chosen to go to and that wasn’t doable most weekends.

And I forgot to factor in how classes, equipment, and other scuba-related stuff cost a pretty penny.

How about your roadblocks? And that brings us to the next question…

Are there any goals that have changed?

Sometimes, the reason a goal hasn’t been worked on is how your life has changed in the past six months. Crazy unexpected detours like a job promotion, a family issue, or a new hobby could have kept you from working on those resolutions (or made you lose interest in them altogether).

And just between you and me? Resolutions sometimes creep in that I feel I should be doing because everyone’s doing it.

Like when I decided I was going to build a gym habit in 2014. I signed up for the nearest gym and roped some friends to go with me to group exercise classes.

Well, I found out I wasn’t a gym-type of person at all. I was bored and — my friends laughed when I admitted this so you might too — moving around just to sweat felt icky to me. I hated putting on my exercise gear and unsticking my sopping wet clothes from my skin afterwards. It’s a bit irritational of me but there it is.

My friends had fun at the gym but I eventually stopped going. Looking back, I can see I assumed regular gym workouts should be my thing as it seemed to be everyone else’s.

So I started walking more often: to work, to meetings, on my trips away. I also began swimming laps among other things. I can now walk 12 miles without feeling tired, and though my exercise habits may need some work, I’m getting there in the way that suits me.

Gym fail aside, how’s the list you wrote in January looking like now we’re in June? Is anything on it affected by any life changes? It may be time to adjust those to fit you better as we go through the year.

What can you do to make the rest of the year count?

Now we’ve celebrated what we’ve finished, marked what we haven’t, acknowledged what we’re struggling with, and course-corrected our goals. Let’s think about the changes we can make to get those goals on track.

My scuba diving? I’m adding up exactly how much it will cost me financially (and see if renting gear is possible). But since summer’s almost over in the Philippines, I’ve decided to save up but shelve it for next year.

I went into this goal as a way to explore more (not to mention I’d love to take some awesome underwater shots down there!). The thing is, I already have explored more this year: going solo to Saudi Arabia, swimming with sea turtles, and exploring the Grand Canyon are just some of the highlights.

Resolutions like building this website and killing my hoarding habit also cropped up after I wrote my resolutions. And they’ve filled up my free time this year.

Regardless, I still plan to dive next year. And to make that happen, I will

  • see if there’s a good dive center closer to where I live
  • start taking the course online next January to lessen the number of days I need to be in class
  • schedule a dive next summer so I’m motivated to finish the class quickly

As you can see, going through this session with you meant my unfinished goal now has legs that will help me do it. Maybe not this year as planned, but next year when I have more time for it is good enough. (See how I inserted my “Bust perfectionism” resolution there?)

Create a plan for your unfinished resolutions, friend.

You’ll banish that sinking feeling of failure and get focused for the rest of the year. ‘Cause having a game plan to work towards will make you feel in charge and awesome!

“What if I’m still confused?” you ask.

Are all the things you want (and need) to do still overwhelming you? Maybe you just want to hide in a corner with a bowl of ice cream and reruns of your favorite shows until you feel better.

I can help with that.

(But we’ll still have the ice cream anyway, just because.)

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